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Strategic Vanguard

How Top Executives Turn Evolving Trends Into Competitive Advantage

As the pace of business accelerates, recognizing emerging business and industry trends will become the cornerstone of better strategic decisions. The key to success for any business owner or executive will be in using those trends in a new way to create advantage for yourself and your organization. In this presentation, Dr. V will detail the major trends in business and industry that you can use now for a strategic advantage in the coming year. 2010 sessions will focus on:

  1. Social Media For Productivity

  2. SMS for Business

  3. Biznophrenia

  4. Measuring & Optimizing Innovative Capacity

  5. Global Front-Runners and Evolving Dangers

Each trend is detailed at the executive level along with tips and analysis on how these trends affect each other and your organization, and how to use these trends to guide better strategic decisions.

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